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Vintage decoration: Choose the most appropriate furniture

Give a new life to pieces with history, coming from flea markets, and bring a 'vintage' air to your home.

Who has never been fascinated by an antique piece of furniture? Whether it's for nostalgia for times gone by, for the quality of the handcrafted items, or because their scratches and irregularities add a lived-in feel and a comforting sense of continuity to the atmosphere, the truth is that antique furniture tends to be the center of attention in a space. Here are a few ideas on how to give your interior an antique flavor. Printing methods have changed radically and, among other things, that has made that furniture fall into disuse in the old printing presses, with multiple drawers in which the different types and sizes of fonts were stored. As in the case of so many other pieces of furniture, their beauty lies in the fact that they evoke other times and ways of life. In a dressing room, furniture of this type is a luxury to keep the accessories in order. If, as in this case, it is placed in a bathroom, it adds an exciting note of contrast, especially when combined with such modern pieces as the freestanding bathtub with organic shapes.

Ubiquitous until recently in libraries, offices, haberdasheries, and many other stores, wooden filing cabinets combine charm and functionality. Their windowed handles to indicate their contents make them ideal for neatly storing everything from stationery to cosmetics and accessories. The smaller models can also become excellent living room accessories, especially if they are completed with wheels to move them quickly. Although much of the charm of these pieces lies in their lived-in look, one way to integrate them into more modern environments is to give them a new finish. In this case, a combination of paint in different neutral tones gives them a more refined and contemporary aesthetic.

Wheels, gears, and pulleys are elements of great decorative strength. An old industrial wheelbarrow becomes a spectacular coffee table suitable for a current project in which a certain vintage air or a contrasting note is sought. Likewise, old suitcases, trunks, and transport boxes can become excellent storage elements. Whether forming an informal stack or as a complement to a piece of furniture or open shelving, the combination of models in different colors and finishes creates an eclectic ensemble. A tip: use them to store photographs, travel souvenirs, and anything else you don't need to keep close at hand but protected from light and dust. Halfway between a practical idea board and an original large glass frame, this vintage display case for announcements, like those found in schools and high schools, turns a hallway or a passageway into a space with many personalities.

The 'prêt à porter' popularization made sewing machines gradually disappear from homes. In any case, many of us remember them as an object of our childhood. Recovering one of those elaborate wrought iron feet as a base for an office table, desk, or waitress is a good idea. A transparent glass top will provide an exciting contrast point as a finishing touch. Old wood-burning stoves are unique elements that can continue to serve their practical purpose without any problem—wrought iron ones in a black finish suit rustic and traditional settings. At the same time, those enameled in light colors, with a French air, are more elegant and easy to integrate into contemporary decorations. The straight lines and metallic finishes of furniture from old factories are perfect for creating an industrial aesthetic in the purest New York loft style. As desks in a study area or as practical consoles in hallways and passageways, they add a touch of warmth to the environment.

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