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Tolix Chairs and Tolix bar stools for restaurants

Did you ever notice that most of the companies on our manufacturers list seem to all make the same items. Everyone has metal ladder back chairs, metal ladder back bar stools, wood chairs and bar stools with ladder back, school house, and window backs. And everyone carries Tolix knockoffs. This red chair is actually a trademarked chair from a real company

named Tolix. Tolix is a French company and still active today. There so many different companies importing imitation Tolix furniture and using Tolix's name. I don't know if I have ever seen a real one. When it comes to ladder back chairs wood and metal, most companies are importing the wood from either Eastern Europe or China. When it is imported from China, it is still usually Beech. Some manufacturers buy the wood chairs completely assembled and stained while others glue and stain in the states. I don't know of anyone that actually machines the parts in the states. The same is for metal ladder back chairs and stools. Some companies import the frames assembled and make the seats. Some companies import the frames and seats and switch out the seat depending on your order. Other companies bring in the metal tubing from China and then weld and powdercoat it in the states. When looking for restaurant furniture, it is important to know what the product is made out of and where it was made. Almost all furniture has a couple of parts from overseas like the glides or the screws but was the metal from overseas or was it done domestically.

Here is a link to the real Tolix.

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