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Think big: Incorporate XXL furniture and elements in your home.

Everything in a room does not have to have the same scale. Introduce large pieces to create an atmosphere with more rhythm. Playing with proportions is a practical resource to compensate for an unbalanced space and focus interest on a specific point. The effect is even more pronounced if an XXL element is introduced. Many designs and accessories can be used, which are especially useful and appropriate for large spaces or high. Beyond its undeniable effect in any environment, the large format equipment finds its most practical application in vast areas or high ceilings. A spectacular built-in bookcase like the one in the image makes the most of the height of this living room and becomes the main protagonist thanks to the catwalk installed to access the highest areas of the room.

Any conventional environment can take on a new dimension by including a striking decorative object of immense dimensions. In this proposal, a retro aesthetic rocket placed in the foyer and photographs of the moon suggests that its owner is passionate about the astral world. A deliberately oversized piece, such as the Royal Oversized lamp designed by David Abad in the image, which reproduces a large-scale tabletop model, introduces an unexpected point in this sober and perfectly coordinated living room by including a seemingly classic design that has acquired a more contemporary touch thanks to its generous dimensions.

Combining furniture and accessories of significant volumes is one way to bring dynamism to an environment. In this case, the effect created with XXL pieces such as these black ceiling lamps, which illuminate the entire surface of the table, in combination with the armchairs that preside over it, also in black, is reinforced by other equally effective factors, such as the play of symmetries generated or the dichotomy between black and white. All this is amplified by the reflection of the huge mirror leaning against the wall. The XXL element does not have to be an object; it can also be an image that becomes a resource of strong visual impact. For example, this portrait occupies the entire front wall of the dining room next to the windows. Decorative vinyl can also be used to generate this effect. A vintage comic book can also be used as an image, converted into a mural, covering an entire wall. A simple change of format like this has made a small comic book the protagonist of this reading corner while clearly distinguishing it within the living room as a whole without the need to introduce any other separating element. The new digital printing technologies allow enjoying all kinds of images in large format with an excellent resolution, which opens a wide field for personalizing spaces.

Photographs printed in large format are also a convenient resource in small rooms. They can provide perspective and depth through evocative and infinite landscapes like the one in this living room, with explicit marine references. To achieve this effect, geometric or psychedelic prints can also be used.

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