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The home office: Don't even think about skimping on the chair.

Did you know that one-third of workers suffer from back pain? Avoid problems with a good chair.

More and more professionals in various fields combine work in the office with work at home. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus, many are already spending their entire working day at home, where they set up their office on their own. If this is your case, don't settle for working in a dining room chair and take note of these professional recommendations - and these three Spanish models - to choose the one that best suits your back. A well-lit space, preferably with natural light, a spacious and tidy table, trays for sorting papers, a pleasant temperature and, of course, a comfortable and ergonomic chair. All these factors influence the productivity of workers when they are in the office, but what happens if you work at home?

People who spend many hours working at home, or even have their office at home, sometimes cannot separate home and work—doing the food or laundry, taking the dog out, the crying baby, answering the phone. As a result, working at home can become a series of endless interruptions. Add to this the fact that you don't usually have the right chair for sitting in front of a computer, and your work and your health can suffer.

A good work chair must meet five essential requirements: a comprehensive, adjustable seat, a backrest that fits the back and supports the lumbar region, an armrest that forms a 90-degree angle with the backrest, a base with casters and breathable fabric. For this reason, they are not usually very economical pieces. Nevertheless, it is an investment that quickly has a beneficial effect on health. Here are three Spanish-designed models that are the best in their field. Winner of the Red Dot design award in 2012, the Tnk -500, from the Spanish firm Actiu, is a highly technical piece that brings together a series of functional and technological details that make it very complete and comfortable model. It has a "Syncro" mechanism of progressive resistance, aluminum injection in its structure, viscoelastic foams in the seat, and high tenacity nylon for the backrest.

According to its creator, designer Marcelo Alegre, a good office chair adapts to the user. "They are very complex products for design. They have to combine concepts such as ergonomics of the workstation, mechanical engineering to allow adaptation to the user's needs and materials that ensure a long life cycle in intensive daily use." In addition, it has to integrate harmoniously into the architectural environment in which it will be located. The Iroha model from the Alava-based company Ofita is known as the intelligent chair in the office furniture sector. Designed by Isao Hosoe, it promotes good posture and maximizes the user's energy. Without thinking about how to sit, the chair itself makes you do it properly, unconsciously, and automatically.

This chair has linked armrests and lumbar support so that by adjusting the height of the armrests, the lumbar support is automatically positioned correctly. And for elegant spaces, the Square chair from the Valencian company Ofifran would be one of the most appropriate. Its backrest can be chosen in different finishes to adapt it to the decoration of the work area and has a medium height that makes it ideal for working at home. However, if you want it for a home office, it is also available in a high version as an executive chair. A hardwood frame and leather upholstery give it a more distinguished look compared to other models but just as functional. This makes it perfect for the most visible workspaces in the home, such as in the living room corner.

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