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Ten must-have ideas for terrace renovation

Discover how to decorate and organize any outdoor space during the vacations without too much effort.

Sunny days and pleasant evenings..., summer is for enjoying the terrace. And to make the most of it, we have compiled the ten best ideas that we have published in recent months. Vertical gardens, textiles to create corners full of comfort, ideas to organize the space, or an outdoor shower: you no longer have an excuse to renew this space.

1. An eye-catching carpet

The trend towards outdoor spaces that reproduce the aesthetics of indoors has made outdoor rugs fashionable. Made of synthetic fibers that are particularly resistant to fading caused by UV rays, rain, or humidity, in addition to providing comfort to floors that, like ceramic or stone floors, can be uncomfortable when they overheat during the hottest hours, they will allow you to renew the image of your terrace without the need for construction work.

2. Order the tools

It's time to tidy up, especially since you'll be using them a lot more now. Use a shelf for hand tools and get a workbench where you can also place the watering can and boxes for plant protection products and substrates on lower shelves.

3. Space-optimizing furnishings

In the case of a long and narrow balcony like the one in this house, it is advisable to opt for an in-line distribution of the different areas and furnish them with custom-made pieces, able to take advantage of every corner. It is best to opt for simple lines that give them visual lightness not saturate the space when choosing furniture. Corner seats with storage space inside will allow you to store cushions and other items securely.

4. Nature on the wall

Take inspiration from this wall to create your composition: choose some wooden boxes painted black and screw them directly to the wall. Place small succulents and climbing plants inside, on shelves held in place with slats.

5. Floor-level seating

Traditional furniture can be protected with covers but will still take up space and collect dust. A good idea to avoid maintenance work is to use expanded polystyrene seats. Most of them are made of a light waterproof fabric that prevents them from suffering outdoors.

6. It's whitewashed brick time

Brick is challenging to handle in decoration. It looks excellent in industrial-style environments, but it can give an impression of nudity. Until now: Paint the wall white with special paint for facades. Some terrace furniture also in white will complete the set.

7. Repair any damage to the floorboard.

Okay, it's not the most exciting idea in the world, but you'll appreciate it. First, check for cracks and repair them with bar wax or putty, preventing that screws, nails, or staples have not rusted. Next, it is advisable to water tropical wood frequently and apply an oil treatment in warm climates. This will prevent the action of the sun's rays from causing micro-cracks.

8. A new environment with the help of textiles

Apart from the furniture, we can count on the help of cushions, poufs, and blankets to create a relaxation area on the floor where we can lie down comfortably and enjoy the excellent weather.

9. Inaugurate a vegetable garden

We are planting our aromatic plants or a selection of vegetable works, among other things, as relaxation therapy. It is also an excellent way to bring freshness to any space and decorate it. Growing beds, such as the ones you see in the image, which are placed at ground level, are ideal for plants that produce a lot or require the placement of tutors, as in the case of tomato plants.

10. Outdoor shower

Portable or fixed models work by installing a hose or connecting to the mains water supply with hot water accumulators. Outdoor showers are becoming more and more popular due to their simple and versatile designs that provide extra freshness and comfort.

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