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Ten keys to enjoying a small apartment (more)

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Space, layout, furniture. What to do - and what not to do - if you want your mini apartment to be comfortable, practical, and stylish. Don't let a tiny apartment overtake you: with a detailed analysis of the available space and studied reforms; you will achieve meters of use - previously wasted or hidden - and more natural light. On other occasions, the result will depend on facing the solution with an open mind, especially as far as distribution is concerned. Zero complexes, a lot of order, and a positive attitude are some of the keys to reconciling you with your house, no matter how small it is.

1. Remove partition walls to gain natural light.

As it is a small space, the most cumbersome work will consist of removing some partition walls and dismantling furniture and coverings, which can be solved in a day or two. Why? Basically, to redistribute the space more logically, gain amplitude and natural light.

2. The space in a corridor is always useful

If, for example, you remove a partition that kept the kitchen boxed in, you may also widen the corridor, at least visually. Therefore, do not be afraid that the hall will disappear: with those meters, you will gain amplitude, light, more space for the countertop, and to place appliances.

3. Put the distributor to more productive use

Some circulations are immovable. This is the case with the leading distributor. But that does not mean that it can not be given a more productive use. For example, the entrance has been used very well in this apartment by creating a work corner. The mirror helps to bounce, both the light and the views coming from the window. If you work with a laptop, you can get by 40 centimeters deep for the table.

4. Join the living room and the bedroom

Within the unusual that may seem a distribution, what matters is that it offers solutions that improve the livability of your home. For example, maybe in your case, it fits that the living room is, at nightfall, your bedroom. Or place the bed next to the front door. It is a matter of looking for ideas that fit the house's constructive possibilities and respond to a personalized program of needs - yours. The result will be that, at last, you will feel at home.

5. The kitchen, integrated but well distributed

If you integrate the kitchen into the living room, take the opportunity to create a distribution that gives it spatial quality. However small it may be, a peninsula or an island will put a physical and visual limit between the cooking area and the rest of the living room. You can give it the category of furniture. It integrates better and makes its use profitable, using it as a dining room, work area, bar. Thus, incidentally, you will also free the surface of the living room.

6. Rotating distributions

This is a rectangular floor plan apartment, with windows on a single wall and 48 square meters of floor space. To get the most out of it, without saturating the space and making the most of natural light, the Spanish architects of the Miel studio placed the bedroom on a platform, rotated at 30-60º concerning the orthogonal axes of the floor. This rotation allowed opening up the vanishing angles and the spaces of use with it.

7. Plan storage

Without storage space, comfort is not achieved. The best solution in small apartments is to integrate storage containers into the layout to go unnoticed. In this tiny Parisian apartment, for example, the design of a multifunctional cabinet that combines bathroom, storage, access, and the kitchen is key to the spatial serenity of the single room.

8. Give your bedroom a casual feel

Look for practical options to distribute the bedroom. For example, the bed can be only a bed base with a mattress: it gives the flexibility of location and exempts, incidentally, the classic matching bedside table - use a chair, stacked books, a stool, for which wall lamps or a floor lamp will go very well. The more informal the bedroom, the more options to integrate it into a single room or divide it with transparent enclosures.

9. Hang things in the bathroom.

Having the floor free, the room looks more spacious and is easier to clean: go for washbasins and suspended toilets. As for the mirror, go back to the old-fashioned medicine cabinet, or place it on a shelf. Gain 20 percent more usable space by using sliding doors.

10. Do not saturate the space with too much furniture

Spatial harmony is achieved with serene, uncluttered, and fluid environments. Choose a piece of equipment that meets your needs and place it in a logical distribution sequence. The group uses multifunctional furniture and free up support space by hanging the television on the wall. Look for lightweight structures and furniture that can be hung, preferably low. Before deciding, check the interrelationship between pieces to determine the measurements of interest, colors, and qualities of materials and upholstery. Work with compatible colors that, although contrasting, give harmony. Complete the atmosphere with varied and warm lighting.

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