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Sandler Seating

Sandler Seating is a large multinational company. They have a US office and factory in GA. Most of their US products are made in the USA. Sandler Seating was founded in London in 1982 by Roy Sandler as an offshoot of Sandler Upholsterers, a family business specializing in custom upholstery which was itself founded in 1946. Sandler Seating’s first activity was the upholstery, assembly, and distribution of portable seating systems for multi-purpose venues. This activity still plays an important role for the company today.

It has created a sales force of over 80 independent sales representatives offering national coverage of the Sandler hospitality and contract line. Sandler’s European presence, shipping expertise and long-standing relationships with its suppliers facilitates seamless fulfillment of orders through to delivery to the customer’s door.

Contact information:

Sandler Seating Inc. 1201 Peachtree Street NE Suite 1625 Atlanta, GA 30361, USA

Call: 404 982 9000 Fax: 404 321 7882


Website: Sandler Seating | Modern & Contemporary Contract Furniture

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