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Richardson Seating Corporation

Richardson seating was founded in 1975 with the goal of providing reasonably priced restaurant furniture that was high in quality and craftsmanship. Made with simple materials like 2x4s and plywood, Richardson Seating was able to make beautiful styles with very little. Even today, most of Richardson Seating's commercial bar stools are built using the same basic materials that you can get at any lumberyard.

When it comes the frames, the wood gets a little more exotic. We use American made Soft Maple for some of our bar stool legs. We have a series of bar stools made out of European Beechwood and we use poplar and specially made plywood to complete the product line

There are many bar stool suppliers in the Chicago area and Richardson Seating is one of them. Why are there so many in Chicago? I think that is pretty simple. The main places to get metal frames back in the day was from Modular Tube Swagers or National Metalwares. Chicago wasn't to far from MTS and it was right in the back yard of National Metalwares.

If you want to put a swivel on the bar stool, you will need a swivel from someone and often that someone in Trendler Furniture located on the South Side of Chicago.

Although Richardson Seating is 45 years old, its history does go back a bit further. Harry Richardson the founder of Richardson Seating was also an owner and founder of Carroll Chair company. Richardson Seating's current owners are only 3rd generation at Richardsons Seating but they are at least 4th generation furniture manufacturers.

As it becomes harder and harder to find a bar stool supplier, it is good to know that 45 year old well established family business like Richardson Seating are still around to provide beautiful high quality restaurant furniture at fair price.

If you need help ordering from Richardson Seating, please message us.

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