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Restaurant Furniture Manufacturers Worldwide

  • DeFrae Contract Furniture

  • Website:

  • DeFrae is a UK-based environmentally friendly furniture supplier offering an extensive range of stylish, durable, and sustainable pieces designed to withstand the rigors of busy restaurant environments. Their clientele includes high-end restaurants and popular hospitality brands.

  • Emeco

  • Website:

  • Emeco, based in the United States, is renowned for its handcrafted aluminum chairs designed for longevity. Known for creating the Navy Chair for WWII submarines, they now offer their timeless designs to restaurants seeking an enduring, classic aesthetic.

  • Pedrali

  • Website:

  • Pedrali is an Italian company producing contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices, and homes. Their high-quality pieces, celebrated for both function and design, often grace the interiors of award-winning restaurants globally.

  • Andreu World

  • Website:

  • Spain's Andreu World has been crafting superior quality furniture with a design-centric approach for over 60 years. Their innovative, award-winning designs can be found in the most prestigious restaurants and hospitality settings worldwide.

  • Bent Chair

  • Website:

  • Bent Chair, based in India, provides edgy and modern furniture designs. Their chic, fashionable pieces are suited for Michelin-starred restaurants and high-end hospitality settings demanding a distinct visual appeal.

  • Poltrona Frau Group

  • Website:

  • Italy's Poltrona Frau Group, a consortium of luxury furniture brands, is revered for their craftsmanship, quality materials, and designs. Their exquisite pieces can be seen in fine dining establishments around the globe.

  • Resol

  • Website:

  • Resol, a Spanish company, offers a wide variety of high-quality, durable furniture, including chairs, tables, and stools. Their innovative designs and durable materials make them a popular choice for restaurants worldwide.

  • Vitra

  • Website:

  • Swiss-based Vitra is renowned for its long-lasting designs that blend architectural concept and art. Their pieces, often collector's items, are perfect for restaurants seeking a unique aesthetic statement.

  • Knoll

  • Website:

  • Knoll, an American company, is a design leader in the furniture industry. Their innovative creations and collaborations with pioneering designers make their pieces a preferred choice in high-profile restaurants.


  • Website:

  • THONET, a German company with a history stretching back to 1819, is famous for its bentwood and tubular steel furniture. They provide high-quality, timeless designs, frequently used in fine dining establishments.

  • Fritz Hansen

  • Website:

  • Denmark's Fritz Hansen is renowned for its classic and contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories. Their elegant designs grace many high-end restaurants and spaces, underlining their Scandinavian design roots.

  • Kartell

  • Website:

  • Kartell, based in Italy, is celebrated for its modern design aesthetic and innovative use of plastic materials. Their striking, vibrant pieces often become the focal point in upscale dining establishments.

Navigating the world of restaurant design can be both an exhilarating and challenging venture. Every restaurateur knows that the creation of an inviting atmosphere plays a critical role in the overall dining experience, and can often be as significant as the cuisine itself. A key ingredient in the recipe for crafting such an ambiance is the choice of furniture. It forms the backbone of your restaurant's visual identity, comfort, and functionality.

The art of restaurant furnishing is a meticulous blend of aesthetics, durability, and practicality. Whether you aim to create an aura of elegance, an air of casual charm, or a dynamic, avant-garde environment, your furniture choices are a vital part of telling your establishment's story. They contribute to the setting, help define the layout, and influence how your guests interact with the space.

But how do you find the perfect pieces to complement your restaurant's character? Where can you source furniture that combines high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship, and stunning design? The answer lies with the world-renowned furniture manufacturers who have established sterling reputations in the hospitality industry. Their exceptional offerings grace the interiors of eateries celebrated in esteemed publications like Eater Magazine or recognized by the coveted Michelin Stars.

This curated list of top global restaurant furniture manufacturers is your guide to sourcing the finest furniture pieces. Each brand has been selected for its commitment to design excellence, durability, and innovative approach. Their ranges include everything from classical charm to contemporary chic, satisfying the unique aesthetic and functional demands of your restaurant.

From handcrafted elegance to sustainable design, and from timeless classics to modern innovation, these manufacturers represent the pinnacle of restaurant furniture production. Discover the artisanal craftsmanship of Emeco's enduring designs, the sleek contemporary lines of Pedrali, the eclectic boldness of Bent Chair, or the luxury and sophistication of the Poltrona Frau Group.

This list serves as a comprehensive resource, providing you with the websites and insights into twelve of the world's leading restaurant furniture manufacturers. Each offers a unique blend of style, quality, and function, ensuring that your restaurant furniture not only looks remarkable but also stands up to the demands of your dining environment. Whether you're creating a new space or revamping an old one, these esteemed manufacturers offer endless inspiration for your project. Immerse yourself in their world and let the journey towards an unforgettable dining atmosphere begin.

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