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Restaurant Front of House

A restaurant's front of house (FOH) is the area where customers dine and interact with staff. It's the face of the restaurant and plays a crucial role in creating a positive dining experience for customers. Below are some items that a restaurant owner needs for the front of house:


  1. Tables: Dining tables, bar tables, outdoor tables, etc.

  2. Chairs: Dining chairs, bar stools, outdoor chairs, etc.

  3. High chairs/Booster seats: For families with young children.

  4. Couches/Lounge chairs: If the restaurant has a waiting area or lounge.


  1. Lighting: Different types of lighting for various areas of the restaurant.

  2. Artwork: Paintings, prints, or other wall decor to create a specific ambiance.

  3. Tabletop Decor: Centerpieces, candles, flower vases, etc.

  4. Signs: Outdoor sign, menu board, restroom signs, emergency exit signs, etc.

Tableware and Utensils:

  1. Plates: Different sizes and types for different meals.

  2. Glassware: Wine glasses, water glasses, beer glasses, cocktail glasses, etc.

  3. Cutlery: Knives, forks, spoons, steak knives, etc.

  4. Napkins: Cloth or paper, depending on the restaurant's style.

  5. Condiment holders: Salt and pepper shakers, ketchup/mustard dispensers, etc.

  6. Table Linen: Tablecloths, placemats, etc.

Technology and Equipment:

  1. POS System: A point of sale system to process payments and manage orders.

  2. Music/Sound System: To create a certain mood or atmosphere.

  3. TVs: If it's a sports bar or similar establishment.

  4. Wi-Fi Router: For customers to access the internet.

Customer Service Items:

  1. Menus: Traditional paper menus, digital menus, or menu boards.

  2. Waiter Pads/Pens: For taking orders.

  3. Bill Presenters: To give the bill to customers.

  4. Coat Rack/Check: For guests to hang their coats or other belongings.

Safety Equipment:

  1. Fire Extinguishers: Required for safety regulations.

  2. First Aid Kit: In case of minor injuries.

Cleaning Supplies:

  1. Brooms, Mops, and Buckets: For cleaning floors.

  2. Cleaning Solutions: For tables, chairs, and other surfaces.

  3. Sanitizing Stations: Hand sanitizer for guests and staff, especially necessary in post-pandemic scenarios.

Remember, the front of house should align with the theme and style of your restaurant to create a cohesive and inviting experience for your customers.

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