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RAL Colour Standard for Furniture

There are so many color choices when it comes to furniture. Most people choose black when it comes to metal furniture but you don't have to. There is a German company that invented a standard for powdercoating colors and it includes lots of awesome colors that look great in restaurants. Why settle for black wrinkle when you can get bright blue or neon yellow.

Now that importing furniture from China is so expensive, there is no reason to choose between black and brown. You can choose purple or silver. When you consider the color choices for wood seats and the color choices for upholstery, you can make a chair with a green frame and a blue vinyl seat. That might be too much for some places, but if you are trying to stand out, one way is with brightly colored furniture.

Think about the typical fast food chain, it doesn't have bright furniture using colours from the RAL Colour standard. The German RAL Institute even provides holograms on officially licensed colors so you can make sure you are getting the exact shade you expect.

We have used RAL for powdercoating colors for 20 years. It is the standard used by almost all the powdercoaters we work with. Now that chrome plating and brass plating are so expensive it makes sense to explore newer and better types of power coats.

While most graphic design in the US uses the Pantone color chart, the Pantone or PMS chart doesn't work well for matching up the final color of a powdercoat.

Here is the main RAL website

RAL gemeinnützige GmbH

Fränkische Straße 7 53229 Bonn Germany

Phone: +49 228 68895 120 Email:

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