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Now is the time to order your outdoor furniture from EMU Americas! See why

EMU is one of the most prestigious and respected furniture manufacturing and trading companies in the world; today, its designs can be found all over the world, and a huge perceived success precedes its great reputation, especially in Europe and the Americas, which is supported by the numerous distinctions and recognitions that its work has received at an international level.

Why should you order now so you?

Spring is the time of the year during which we can show off our outdoor decoration in the best way; the nice weather, the blooming plants and trees, the pollinating fauna, the flower selling season, all this makes spring the perfect show to show off our outdoor furniture with our family and friends, always enjoying the most beautiful scenery that nature provides us. The products ordered now for outdoors, from EMU Americas or other suppliers, have shipments that take 3 to 4 weeks, so the perfect time to call the furniture you want to show off in spring is now.

What outdoors products can be found at EMU?

The furniture characteristics make EMU the ideal partner for all contract applications. Durability, reliability, design are the added value of EMU, a brand recognized worldwide as a synonym of guarantee. Each piece of furniture is designed to withstand the particular wear and tear in contract use and the most adverse atmospheric conditions. All products are subjected to a rigorous protection and metal finishing process that guarantees longevity outdoors. Practicality, stackability, use of fabrics, transversality, and extreme functionality simplify the use of EMU products, responding perfectly to the needs of the hotel sector. Thanks to these characteristics, the company is now present on the international market with a distribution network covering more than 85 countries.

EMU has an extensive catalog of more than 1000 products, divided into chairs, tables, armchairs and sofas, stools, accessories, sun loungers, cushions, and parasols. They also offer a wide range of materials for the creation of furniture and furniture maintenance.


EMU chairs are designed to enhance the experience and enjoyment of those who live them, reinterpreting them with characterizing external and internal spaces. Its design, material, and functionality transversality allow you to choose between multiple solutions: Stackable and folding seats, with or without armrests, with dedicated cushions and different finishes. EMU chairs, certified by internationally recognized bodies, are a perfect synthesis between technology, aesthetics, and comfort, guaranteeing exceptional performance, even in prolonged use and extreme climatic conditions. The EMU chair catalog for 2022 includes 36 new chairs.


Extendable, stackable, with various heights, colors and combinations: EMU offers a wide variety of tables with four legs that meet the highest qualitative requirements in terms of strength, aesthetics, and functionality. The transversal design of these tables is designed to create different combinations with the various EMU collections. In addition, the plans are made with innovative materials. As a result, they can have more sizes and shapes, while the legs, self-leveling, or adjustable insole ensure comfort and stability on uneven surfaces.

The tables are available in different sizes, materials, and colors, with a central post structure conferring a clean and elegant aesthetic to the environment. For a space-saving solution, this type of table can have folding tops. With square and round sections, the central posts are also combined with bases available in multiple shapes and completed with a wide choice of tops.

The EMU coffee tables are designed to be easily combinable with the most varied styles of armchairs, sofas, and hammocks. These coffee tables are available in different sizes and heights, mainly performing outdoors. In addition, the plans, resistant to wear, stains, and atmospheric agents, are available in other materials and color combinations. The EMU catalog for 2022 includes thirty-six new table designs, each with different variations in design.


Versatility, comfort, modularity, and aesthetic research characterize EMU armchairs and sofas. In addition, the wide range of fabrics allows you to customize the seat cushions and decorative cushions offered in various sizes to create elegant furnishing solutions. The offer is completed with a two-seater and three-seater sofa and accessories, such as adjustable tables, coffee tables, and sandwich tables.


Sturdy, practical, light, comfortable, stackable, and perfectly resistant to atmospheric agents. EMU sun loungers and deckchairs are equipped with simple mechanisms to obtain different backrest inclinations. In addition, the ergonomic seats guarantee support and comfort of use. Some options complete the functionality: sunshades, nets, armrests for objects, footrests, cushions, and wheels.


Ideal for creating shaded and protected spaces with style, EMU sunshades are functional and practical accessories. They are equipped with a mechanism that ensures easy opening and closing, reducing the effort required for maneuvering. Simple retractable tools allow you to rotate the sunshade horizontally and close them smoothly. Shade Pro, the new product of the Shade family, has an innovative option, using a LED lighting system, and can be completed without the need to move the underlying furniture.


Rechargeable table lamps with different dress codes, floor or hanging lamps, striking sculptures formed by assemblable modules polychromatic luminous bodies, screens with different geometries and heights, and carpets with different patterns and colors. UEM's furniture complements respond to multiple needs to create refined furnishings.


Made with high performance materials and extremely resistant to atmospheric agents, the EMU cushions are easily removable, washable, water-repellent, non-slip, with various fastening systems, and adaptable to different types of sessions. Available in multiple shapes, colors, varieties of textures, patterns, and textures.

Demand the best in terms of quality, research perfection of details, have an innovative mentality: these have always been the guidelines of EMU. The company creates and controls all stages of production both in its factory in Marsciano, in the heart of Umbria, and the United States, presiding over all the processing phases of various branches of related industries in an integrated network. According to the most modern organizational models. Through strict monitoring, from the tests during the design and processing phases to the cataphoresis and painting processes, up to the validation of the finished product. The undisputed quality of its products is the result of the perfect combination of technology and human capital, a natural, invaluable heritage given from the passion and know-how of the people. And it is precisely this know-how and the company's historical knowledge in the processing of metals to ensure a long life cycle of products and their maximum resistance to atmospheric agents. Thus are born the timeless design icons that have continually inhabited our gardens. EMÚ welcomes us in an open-air environment with an authentic made-in Italy style, in comfort, friendliness, and relaxation, where we can get to know and share the art of living in the Italian Garden.

EMU makes tremendous strides every day continuously in terms of technological and stylistic research. Tradition and evolution come together towards a new sense of living, thanks to the use of a mix of materials obtained through innovative and constant investment in high technology and automation, such as robotic welding islands and robotic finishing. An ambitious vision is revealed inside the Design & Simulation Center. This research center is intended to boost the development activities of the current design department in a space where technicians and designers can find inspiration for the continuous evolution of processes and products. The company's strong desire to always project itself into the future is also nourished by the fruitful exchange of ideas with young minds, made possible by the deep relationship of collaboration with universities and national and international design centers.

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