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Nardi Furniture

Nardi is an Italian brand of furniture that manufactures both retail and commercial lines of furniture. They are best known in the USA for their commercial outdoor furniture. Here is a link to Nardi's Commercial Contract Furniture

If you are interested in Nardi, you may have to do a little research. Their supply chain is not so easy to figure out. If you Google them, you will see that you are not able to purchase Nardi from your typical places.

If you want to see what Nardi Outdoor furniture looks like when it being used, please see this Nardi link.

Nardi has a staff designer named Raffaello Galiotto

NARDI S.p.A. Via delle Stangà, 14 Chiampo (VI) - IT

p.i. - c.f. 02114700244 Registro Imprese VI 02114700244

REA 207085 Capitale sociale € 6.000.000 int. versato

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