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Marble: The latest trend in furniture and accessories

It is a classic that has regained strength through new designs that make it an essential material.

As everything comes back, marble could not be more minor, especially now that introducing touches of the eighties is beginning to be a widespread fashion in decoration. With its elegance and sobriety, typical of natural stone, this material is also capable of giving a modern touch to a room if it is given a design twist, which is precisely what is happening in recent times both in pieces of furniture and accessories, reproductions on fabric or paper and even through visual trickery.

Contemporary art deco. The use of marble in coffee tables experienced its last boom in the eighties. However, plastic and especially wood have dominated this space for many years. Maybe it is because the eighties are back in fashion; the question is that again we see him regain that lost ground. This model with ash wood legs and marble tops is one of the novelties of the Spanish firm Sancal. It belongs to the Mosaico collection, designed by Yonoh, a puzzle of several geometric shapes with which you can compose different solutions, not only coffee tables, as it also includes upholstered poufs. In addition, the collection has optional backrests, which allow you to convert the seats into small sofas. A design that mixes references to art deco and the Memphis movement revisited in a more contemporary style.

Technological. With wooden legs and a marble top, this console also incorporates a speaker with Bluetooth technology. A piece in which the warmth of the wood contrasts not only with the elegance of the natural stone but also with the shocking and unusual technology it incorporates. Echo is a design by Cliqué Editions, a recently created Italian firm born from the encounter between furniture design and electronics. Its philosophy is based on creating products that merge design excellence and made in Italy materials with intuitive technologies.

In small accessories. Marble is not only making a comeback in furniture but also in supplements. This piece functions as an empty tray-tabletop pocket and, simultaneously, as a digital clock, taking advantage of the translucent properties of the material. It is called Din and is another Cliqué Editions model designed, like the previous one, by Claudio Larcher.

It is taking advantage of its properties. Marble is a heavy material, but taking it to its minimum thickness, the English designer Benjamin Hubert has managed to make the collection of Querry lamps for the firm De la Espada. It is a series of pieces that take advantage of the translucent properties of the material to create ceiling lights using LED technology. The interior shows a rough, unpolished finish, which gives a glimpse of how the luminaires are produced, a completely handmade process.

In elegant black. To create a sophisticated and sober atmosphere, the use of black marble has never gone out of fashion. However, in this design, the firm Cappellini has given it a fun and rounded shape to escape the rationalist use of straight lines with which this tone is normally used. It is called Bottle and is an Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby design. To give a more contemporary touch to the material, it is best to combine it with current furniture, such as the Cloud shelf by the Bouroullec brothers or the Lotus chair by Jasper Morrison.

Mestizaje. This table explores the chromatic possibilities of marble, mixing materials from different quarries: it is a large blank piece in which other small polychrome fragments have been embedded. It is a research work by the Milan-based Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola. The story of this piece is worth telling: after the two earthquakes that devastated part of Italy a few years ago, the marble company Budri, whose facilities were considerably affected, invited the designer to think of possible uses for the marble pieces that had been broken as a result of the tremors.

Suppose you don't have enough for the countertop. The world of kitchen accessories also returns to flirt with marble. If your pocket is not enough for a piece of furniture or to put it on the kitchen countertop, you can always get a small object, such as a mortar or cutting board. In combination with other wooden accessories, they will look exquisite as here. These boards belong to the Roost Aldo collection. They are available in different formats and even fused with a wooden side. In addition to cutting on it, you can use it to present a cheese board or a dessert on several floors. Marble in the kitchen is perfect for its resistance and versatility.

Decorative plates. The different colors, veins, and textures that characterize marble are also being used lately as a graphic resource, photographically reproducing its appearance. This plate is by Kristina Krogh, an artist who plays masterfully with the geometry and the different textures of wood and marble.

In textiles. Thanks to more advanced printing methods, it is possible to reproduce marble texture with reasonably acceptable fidelity. Thus, textiles have emerged that incorporate motifs and finishes in this material, such as this set of sheets by the Italian architectural studio cafe lab, which mixes different marbles with a pale pink detail that gives it a certain warmth.

A "very hard" cushion. The perfect complement to this set of sheets would be this cushion cover by graphic artist Mathias Thorgaard, an object full of irony that transfers the graphic from hard and cold material to a warm and soft complement.

Optical illusion. Maurizio Galante and Tal Lancman are the designers of this armchair with an appearance and finishes that deceive the eye. It is made of wood and printed textiles that reproduce the motifs of white Carrara marble, typical of the Italian Alps.

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