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How to buy restaurant furniture during Covid

Purchasing restaurant furniture is not as easy as it used to be. No one has anything in stock and if you need to import from Asia the lead time is 28 weeks if you are lucky. In addition if you are bring products in from mainland China, there is a 25% import tax in addition to the most expensive container shipping rates we have on record.

There is a way to avoid all of these problems. There are dozens of companies in the United States that manufacture and have supply chains that are separate from China. There are still companies that do upholstery, welding, wood work, cutting and sewing in the United States.

If you want to get furniture without a long wait, you can work with domestic companies and choose vinyl and color choices that are in stock. For instance, Naugahyde has a factory in Stoughton Wisconsin. You can get rolls of vinyl very quickly if they are in stock. Its a one day ship from our factory. If you are looking for vinyl that comes from China, it might be several months and there will most likely be hidden charges for importing and container costs and taxes. Stick with big name companies that have been suppliers for decades. You need a supplier that has good relations with its suppliers to get raw materials. They need to have good relations with trucking companies so that they can get trucks to show up for shipping. They need to have good relations with paper companies and corrugated companies.

If you need help finding a team of suppliers that is ready to handle your business, please message us.

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