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Hickory Chair has been in the market since 1911. Located in North Carolina, it has become a very traditional and respected furniture company, specializing in all types of home furniture and design, for both indoors and outdoors. Hickory Chair manufacturers 90 percent of their furniture in the United states and builds to order. Hickory has a rich history and was originally founded as the Surrey Chair Company. In the 2000s the Hickory company combined to a single location factory and has remained there to this day.


Phone: (828) 324-1801 e-mail:

Website: Hickory Chair Furniture Co.


CUSTOM SEATING Hickory Chair Furniture Co. Custom Seating

CUSTOM TABLES & CHESTS Hickory Chair Furniture Co. Custom Tables & Chests

DINING ROOM & KITCHEN Hickory Chair Furniture Co. Dining Room & Kitchen

LIVING ROOM, DEN & FOYER Hickory Chair Furniture Co. Living Room, Den & Foyer

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