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Another ten decoration trends for 2022

The use of natural materials and color will be two prominent trends in interior design this year. But there are more.

Wood, cork, plants, the natural will be the protagonist of spaces in 2022. Colors will also play a fundamental role. We will find them in unexpected places. Geometric motifs will continue to be present, especially where simplicity and visual cleanliness are sought. Plant and even animal prints are coming in strong for those who prefer something more daring.

1. Natural materials

Natural materials, which have already given much to talk about this year, will be protagonists in 2022. Among the most innovative will be the return of cork in furniture and coverings, with qualities that make it unique in thermal and acoustic insulation. Wood, natural or imitation, will also continue to dominate finishes.

2. Copper in accessories

This trend, which is not new, will continue throughout 2022. The soft pink color of copper is complemented by the shine of the metal, providing an elegant and chic touch with just one object. Combining it with a decoration in soft tones will create a feminine and delicate atmosphere, but if we go for darker colors, it will enhance an elegant and luxurious effect. It can be found in candle holders, vases, lamps, clocks, and even tableware and glassware!

3. Handcrafted objects

Small details are what make a home. If, in addition, we support small artisans and entrepreneurs by buying their things, we win twice. We will have pieces with a soul that will remind us of a beautiful story every time we look at them. Small decorative elements in ceramics, glass, metal, textiles, and even handmade furniture can help us turn our home into a more personal and unique place.

4. Mixing textures in textiles

No more 'all the same and matching': the mixture of cotton, velvets, linens, and even hair textures, triumph in bedrooms and living rooms and make them more cozy and personal. We can choose to combine textures in the same tone for a more minimalist atmosphere or play with colors if we prefer a home that exudes vitality.

5. Geometric shapes for children's rooms

Children, of course, are also protagonists of the 2022 trends. We will find geometric designs in papers, textiles, carpets, and even the toys themselves for their rooms. In this way, we can decorate while teaching children the basic figures. Although cheerful colors characterize these spaces, we will also find pastel tones with geometric 'pieces.'

6. Colorful bathroom faucets

A few months ago, we started to see some faucets in color -black above all, but there are already many manufacturers introducing them in their catalogs. We will find all colors: from the basics, such as white, yellow or blue, to metallic bronze or gold. Goodbye to the old chrome faucets, hello to paint in our bathrooms!

7. All in Greenery green!

The Pantone color of the year is Greenery green: a very cheerful tone that perfectly fits a touch of color in outdoor spaces. We can combine it with furniture in white, black, and all the grayscale and outdoor woods. An excellent way to enhance the freshness of the plants and encourage us to use more terraces.

8. Large format wallpapers in the bedroom.

The large-format murals come to highlight a space spectacularly and not go unnoticed. We can find photographs, watercolors, maps, compositions, and any other motif we can imagine. Bet on them in the bedroom. The placement is not easy -better to have a professional do it, but the result is a real work of art.

9. Metal rod lamps

This type of lamp is trendy for several reasons. First, they are light and visually occupy little. They allow us to take advantage of all the light from the bulb and create fascinating shadows. You can find all kinds: pendant, table, floor, so it will be challenging to resist ending up with one at home. They are made of metal rods and exist in various shapes and colors, even as chandeliers.

10. Variety of finishes in the kitchen

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and it must be efficient. When the variety of finishes in kitchen furniture is almost infinite, the trend will be to dare to combine different types of doors, colors, and materials in the same space. We will get a mixture of styles with many nuances that will turn the kitchen into our favorite place and the absolute protagonist of our house.

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