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Adnet Mirror: Bring character to the bathroom and hallway with this classic.

This round mirror that combines leather and buckles is a design from the 50s of the last century linked to the luxury brand Hermès.

The Danish company Gubi has been producing the Adnet mirror for a long time: a classic that is in vogue. We think it is the perfect piece to completely change the style of your bathroom or hallway. We tell you its history and suggest some ideas to decorate with it or, why not, design your own. The Adnet mirror is a piece of unique aesthetics and little ostentatious; all this despite having been created for a luxury brand: Hermès. Behind its design is the French designer, interior designer and architect Jacques Adnet (1901-1984).

Adnet was an icon of the young French modernists. A pioneer in integrating glass and metal into furniture, in the 1950s (undoubtedly the most prolific decade of his career) he furnished and decorated the presidential apartments of the Elysée Palace or the meeting room of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. In 1950, he was commissioned by Hermès to create furniture and accessories for the house that could be emblematic of the brand: hence the idea of covering them with leather and bronze details. The French maison had established itself in Paris a century earlier to supply luxury saddles to the European nobility. Its fine leather bridles and harnesses gained fame in the early years. It was at the beginning of the 20th century that the company entered the field of fashion, decoration and accessories...

The Adnet mirror is still today a small luxury made of leather from Florence, whose reissue by the Danish firm Gubi - in black or leather - is priced between 600 and 1,300 euros (depending on its size). Legions of crafters are inspired by the original to create their own mirror. The most common: tuning a round one from Ikea and giving it a new presence by recycling three leather belts. With black or ocher paint, glue to glue the three belts and little else it will be easy to make a similar design. Nordic decor is perhaps the style to which the mirror is best suited: leather and fur are natural materials that complement each other very well. Round mirrors bring echoes of the past and are also one of the fetish pieces of retro decoration. The Adnet is one of those pieces capable of completely changing any space. In the case of this bathroom, just a couple of them hanging from the ceiling is enough to give it a modern aesthetic.

Marble, wallpaper with large motifs - books in this case - and, of course, an Adnet mirror will achieve a vintage-chic look in any bathroom.

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